How to use a fire extinguisher?

In order to quickly control a fire in a factory or company, an extinguisher may be needed. There are several types of extinguishers available to fight different fires involving the ignition of hydrocarbons, wood or metals. So, which type of extinguisher should you use for which fire? Read this article to understand when to use which extinguisher at which burning fuel.

Water-based extinguishers

It is important to know what fuel is burning to better use the right extinguisher to control the fire. So, you have to assess the fire risks of your premises in order to equip it properly and establish the best prevention plan. Thus, with a Fire Extinguisher Cover, you can quickly control a burning fuel. A water spray extinguisher with additives is effective in extinguishing class A and B fires. Chemicals are added to the water to create protection on the material. The water extinguisher works by cooling and can be used against electrical fires but damages the installations because of the additives. Some water extinguishers are ABF category which means that they are only used in the kitchen on a cooking appliance. These extinguishers are recognised from their label or handle by the color blue.

Foam extinguishers

These extinguish Class B and A fires to a lesser extent and have the same content as water-based ones. The diffuser turns the water into a heavy foam that will isolate the fuel from the air and act by cooling. It is more effective than water on flammable liquid fires by trapping the vapors and preventing the flames from re-igniting.

Powder extinguishers

There is the ABC powder extinguisher and the special powder extinguisher but each with the fire it is suitable to extinguish. Thus, the ABC powder extinguisher is the most versatile and effective against A, B and C fires. It contains a chemical agent that smothers flames by isolating the fuel. Similarly, it can be used to extinguish an electrical fire, but it causes severe damage to the installation as the powder is highly corrosive. It is also irritating and should be used with care indoors. The special extinguisher extinguishes class D fires. The use of a fire extinguisher depends very much on the fuel that is burning.