How to make money with Honeygain ?

Honeygain is an application that allows you to earn money passively thanks to your internet connection. The app uses your internet data to perform various queries for their customers. This allows, for example, third-party companies to use your Internet connection to collect data and carry out market research.

Earning money with Honeygain : how does it work ?

The operation is simple, you are paid to share your unused internet. To do this, simply download, install the application and Honeygain will use part of your connection. It will never use more than 10% of your bandwidth. To understand better, read this HoneyGain Review. Indeed, you will be paid for each KB of data. 1 GB of data, for example, will save you around 10 cents. The more devices you have connected, the more money you can earn. Honeygain is available on desktop (Windows, macOS, iOS, and Linux) or Android phones. You can use up to 5 devices at the same time on a single internet connection.

From how much money can one be paid ?

When you have $20 in winnings, you can request a payout. It is done by means of a transfer on PayPal, you just have to indicate your email address and everything is done. You can also receive your money in Bitcoin. To have a payment each month, you must therefore share at least 7 GB every 24 hours. It is frankly attainable if you have an unlimited connection and you connect on several devices at the same time. The other way to earn money with HoneyGain is through referrals. You can invite your friends with your referral link and earn 10% of their earnings. As for the referral, he earns a $5 welcome bonus if he signs up with your referral link or code. The more you sponsor the more money you have.

In summary, it should be remembered that HoneyGain is not a scam but is not recommended either. The app can reduce the battery life of your device and can eat up your data plan as well. The pay rate is also low and there are not enough opportunities to earn besides sharing internet bandwidth.