How to find your missing cat?

Is your cat already missing? Or are you worried that it might be lost in the future? Or are you even looking for your four-legged friend right now? Even if you are, don't panic. No matter what situation you find yourself in, here are some tips for finding your darling and bringing him home safely.

Search for him in your apartment

The very first thing you need to check is if the cat has really run away, or if he is hiding somewhere in the apartment, this method is the first to be put into practice. So first take a look at places your cat might be hiding: dryer, basement, behind the couch, on a kitchen cupboard; cats are masters at hiding.

Be gentle with the cat

Don't assume your cat will respond to your voice as usual. A runaway cat is often a very frightened cat who may not want to leave his hiding place even for you. Call him in a soft, calm voice so as not to frighten him further.

Wait and listen regularly

If a cat is trapped, injured or hungry, it will most likely meow. Whether you are searching alone or in a group, take a few minutes in each area to listen quietly and carefully to the cat meowing.

Get other animals away

Perhaps another cat has chased your cat out of its territory. This is especially likely if you have just moved in. Ask other cat owners to keep their cats indoors while you search for yours, and be prepared to expand your search radius once you've searched the immediate area around your home. If you have dogs, their enthusiasm may frighten your cat during the search. However, if your dog is happy to help find the cat or listen to the "find the cat" command, he or she can help you if you can't find the cat on your own.