Convicted French bomb planner, Assadollah Assadi given 20 years sentence 

After the failed plot to bomb an opposition rally failed, the mastermind of the terrorist act has been jailed. Iran has reiterated his position on the matter, that the convict was framed. 

Iran bomber jailed for 20 years

 An Iranian diplomat was accused of plotting to bomb a French rally organized by the opposition. Assadollah Assadi, 50, who is a staff of the Iranian embassy in Austria has been sentenced to 20 years by an Antwerp court in Belgium. 

This is the first time an official of Iran has been convicted of this type of charge since the 1978 revolution. He was sentenced alongside three others, who were taken down during a collaboration between European security agencies. However, Iran said those charges are bogus and a figment of European imaginations. 

Thousands of individuals were present at the July 2018 demonstration around Paris which includes Rudy Giuliani, who was a legal counsel to President Trump. This conviction comes a few weeks after the inauguration of President Joe Biden, which Tehran prays will revoke some tough sanctions placed by Ex-president Donald Trump. 

The French government blames the Iran leader for a failed plot 

French authorities have continued to blame Iranian intelligence agencies for the plot and have blocked the accounts and assets of three key Iranian intelligence officers. Georges-Henri the prosecution counsel said then judgment proved that a diplomat is governed by rules of the country he works and his immunity status doesn't extend to terrorism activities. 

However, in a stern message by Tehran, they are angry about the sentence and condemn the violations of laid-down statutes that guide how diplomats can be tried. Maryam Rejavi, a crucial member of the targeted group said the ruling shows that the courts still work and give an unbiased ruling. 

The convict has confessed that the plan to bomb the rally was hatched by top officials from the Iranian government and that their department in the intelligence unit has been mandated to carry out the plan.