All about home automation

Home automation has become a safe and essential value for the comfort and security of the home. It offers many advantages in terms of connected objects in the home, automation and programming of appliances, lighting, video surveillance, etc. Home automation therefore operates in a very broad technical and IT field. Let's discover the fields of application of home automation.

What is home automation

Home automation is the set of techniques of electronics, physics, automatism, computer science and telecommunications used in buildings and allowing to centralize and control different systems and subsystems of the house and the company. For more details on home automation, click to read more. Indeed, the principle of home automation is to program, control and automate remotely or on the spot, all the devices of the home integrated from the network. At the scale of a home, home automation can be summarised in 3 technologies: wireless network technology which allows to control all the electrical equipment in the home, wired network technology which allows to interconnect all the devices in the home more easily and CDL technology which uses the sockets in the home to transmit information between the devices and the control units.

The areas of application of home automation

Home automation is a device that is applied in several areas of the home. It allows: The control of electrical appliances in the home. This involves the adjustment, control and management of all electrical appliances within the home; Management of energy sources, i.e. heating, air conditioning, lighting, opening and closing of blinds; Home security. It controls alarms, access authorisations by voice recognition or magnetic card, digicodes, intercoms, movement detectors, etc.