3 tips for creating your own wedding gift

At a wedding, it is customary to bring a gift to the couple. So, in order to bring a touch of originality, it is sometimes preferable to take care of the gift yourself. Have you run out of ideas on how to do this? Then discover in this article three tips on how to create a homemade wedding gift.

Use unusual photos of the couple

Although this type of gift is common, it is still effective. When you go to a wedding, you can give a photo album or frame as a gift. On this album, you can put unusual photos of moments spent as a couple. This personalised gift can easily be made by you. You can find several helpful resources here. Every time the person concerned lays eyes on the photos, the chatty and funny memories will come back to their mind.

Personalise your gift with a guestbook

A guestbook is an essential element at a wedding. However, instead of buying one, you can create your own personalised guestbook for the bride and groom. All you need is a ring binder cover, small envelopes and a lace border. But you will also need glue and pens. This allows you to insert the decorations of your choice into your personalised guestbook. The envelopes will be used to design the pages of the book. These can be used by guests to place their personal wishes.

Use a wedding basket as a DIY gift

The wedding basket is a beautiful wedding gift that you can make yourself. All you have to do is buy a wicker basket or cardboard box. Then, you will take care of the decoration of your wedding basket. Finally, you can put in a few things that the bride and groom will like. This could be a DVD of their favourite film, a bottle of champagne or a massage oil. This kind of attention is bound to please the bride and groom. But you can also prepare a gourmet wedding basket in which you can, for example, put sweets.